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About the

Vienna  Awards

The gala night of fashion creativity

The Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle are presented annually since 2009 for outstanding achievements in the fashion and lifestyle industry in several categories.
The event takes place at a glamorous location with international star guests and strong media presence.
The VA are an indispensable part of the austrian fashion calendar and have been an important career springboard for many fashion designers.

The location

The Vienna-Awards Gala takes place in a location that represents the unique flair of Vienna. The Hall E of the Vienna Museumsquartier or the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) have been in the past years, the locations of Austria's most elegant fashion gala. VA 2016 was held in the most beautiful library in the world; the Austrian National Library.

The campaigns

The Vienna Awards are announced every year with a

   campaign in which its focus is  a typical Viennese


       Our previously campaigns have been: the Vienna

        Ferris (2011), St. Stephen's Cathedral (2012), Sissi

         (2013) or Mozart's Queen of the night (2014)
Our testimonials are top international celebrities
               like the British model Emma Heming-Willis (as

                  Sissi, left in the picture) and the US - American

                    actress and model Jerry Hall (on the right)
2016's theme
was: "Viennese blood" created

                       by Star photographer Inge Prader and

                           Fashion expert Gerda Buxbaum. The

                                models where from eight different

                                countries and wearing pieces from:

                                Marina Hörmanseder, Schella Kann,

                                 Lena Kvadrat, Sophie Skach, Ursi

                                     Fürtler, Andrea Maxa Halmschlager

                                           and Carolin Holzhuber.

Campaign 2016 - Viennese blood

© Inge Prader

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